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Film in Miami, Production

City of Miami Beach: Introduction on Film Permits

Miami Beach

Film permits are necessary for all film, video, photography and other media projects on public property, residential locations, when city services are required, or when productions may impact traffic/residents/city services.

Before we get started, let’s make sure you’re only filming in the City of Miami Beach. This municipality is within the Miami-Dade County, and includes everywhere from Fisher Island up to North Beach. If you’re unsure if you fall under the boundary, click here to check an interactive online map that can show you! Continue Reading…

Film in Miami, Production

Miami-Dade County: How to get Filming Permits!


Miami-Dade is the largest county in the US. Within Miami-Dade there are 35 municipalities, such as City of Miami and City of Miami Beach. So it’s no wonder finding the permit rules in this region can get complicated. But don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you and put together a series of blog posts to explain everything you need to know! We’ve also put together an Ultimate Film Permit Guide for all of Miami-Dade County, with a step-by-step permit application process in every municipality. 
Miami-Dade County logoYou will need a Film Permit if you’re creating a commercial film or photo shoot on public property. Some municipalities require permits on residential or private property as well. This means that if you plan to film at a house, and don’t interrupt the neighbours, you may still need a permit depending on where the location is. In our series of blog posts, we will cover the requirements for certain municipalities such as the City of Miami Beach and Coral Gables.  To find out if filming on residential properties outside of these two requires a permit, call your film office or FilMiami at 305-375-3288. Continue Reading…

Film in Miami

Top 7 Films Shot in Miami

Miami has been producing iconic movies since before Scarface – and isn’t slowing down. Here’s a look at some of the best:

The Godfather 2, scene in Biscayne Bay  The Godfather part 2 movie cover

1. The Godfather II (1974).  One the most epic and classic gangster movie series of all time did it again by choosing North Miami to shoot at Hialeah Race Track, as well closer to the coast on Hibiscus Drive, across from Surfside. Continue Reading…

Film in Miami

Where To Film In Miami – Location Hotspots

Ocean Drive

We all know Miami as a film hub, but where are these classic and luxurious shots actually taken? Here’s a look at some of the most popular and iconic locations used throughout the years.

The most popular film strip is on Ocean Drive, South Beach.  Producers in Miami take advantage of the Art Deco historic district, pool bars, and fluorescent nightlife. Most famously, in Scarface, Al Pacino as Tony Montana arrives to Miami Beach. At the height of action, Montana escapes from an apartment building at 728 Ocean Drive. This wildly iconic scene sets the tone for Ocean Drive as the Miami filmmaker’s place to be. Continue Reading…