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CIty of Miami Beach: What Type of Film Permit do you need?

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Based on where you’re filming within Miami Beach, what services you need, and the size of your production, you’re going to need different types of permits. What kind of permit do you need? This blog outlines the differences between City-Wide, Vehicle Beach Access, Residential, and Special Events permits.

How do you know if you need a permit at all? To find out, follow the steps to apply outlined in our introductory blog. Once you’ve begun the Film and Print Permit online applicationyou’ll notice that there are several different permits types.

City-Wide Permits: One of those types is called City-Wide. With this permit, you will not require an officer escort (with some exceptions granted by the Office of Film and Print). City-wide permits allow for a small team of about 10 people or less on public property that don’t need rental fees, block traffic, or impact private businesses without their consent. You can only have minimal equipment, including a camera, tripod, reflectors, and battery powered lights. A City-Wide permit does not include special parking permits, use of public residential areas, or driving/aerial shots.

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Vehicle Beach Access: Do you need to park directly on the beach sand? You can purchase a Vehicle Beach Access Pass (VBAP) for each vehicle. Each pass(per day) is $150 unless the vehicles do not move during use. Also, the first pass per day is free. Police must escort all active vehicles at all times.  

Residential Filming Guidelines: Even if your production is small and does not leave a resident’s property, you still need a Film and Print permit. Filming without a permit can lead to charges for homeowners and the production company. For all of the rules to film in neighbourhoods, continue to our blog on Film Permit Guidelines in Residential areas. You can also continue to our full Miami Beach Permit Guide!

Special Event Permits: Does your production involve the public?  A Special Event permit may be needed. The application guidelines are here.

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For more information on film permits in Miami Beach, continue to our Ultimate Film Permit Guide! 

For any further questions, contact Miami Beach Film & Print Office below:
Film Line:    305-673-7070
Main Line:   305-673-7577
General Inquiries: film@miamibeachfl.g

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