Commercials That Make us Giggle like Schoolgirls

When you work at a company like Set Scouter that helps location scout for commercials, you end up watching a LOT of them.

We started to take note of just how many Canadian production companies are turning out commercials that are simply said, comedic gold. Surely, directors aren’t the only ones contributing to the funny, since there are many creative agencies behind these ads, but these directors executed it so perfectly, we are starting to fan-girl.

We wanted to take a second to give these directors a slow clap. Not just for their creativity, but for making me spit my midday beer all over Cards against Humanity, I mean…. my coffee all over my laptop. I was working…I promise.


1. Director: Tim Godsall
Production Company: OPC

My favourite: Axe Apollo
The lolz: Anyone can beat up a shark…but, can you pull off the mushroom haircut in 2015? I didn’t think so. Goodbye Lifeguard, Hello Astronaut.

Check out the rest of his commercials HERE!


2. Director: Michael Clowater
Production Company: Radke

My favourite: Skittles Rich
The lolz: I would like all of you to send me your e-mail addresses so that I can be one step closer to being Skittles rich. If not, I’ll settle for someone who can set me up with Danny Falcon…

Check out the rest of his commercials HERE!


3. Directors: Adam and Dave
Production Company: Holiday Films

My Favourite: Dish TV: Boston As a Second Language
The lolz: This has inspired me to be the leading advocate for getting ‘Boston’ on Duolingo. I’ve found my new calling.

Check out the rest of their commercials HERE!


4. Directors: David Quinn
Production Company: Sons and Daughters

My Favourite: Manwich
The lolz: I’m officially firing Morgan Freeman and hiring this voice to narrate my life.  Whoever you are, I pay well.

Check out the rest of his commercials HERE!

Thank you Tim GodsallMichael ClowaterAdam and Dave, and David Quinn for working those long hours on set to not only make us want to buy more stuff but laugh heartily in the process.


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