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Miami-Dade County: How to get Filming Permits!


Miami-Dade is the largest county in the US. Within Miami-Dade there are 35 municipalities, such as City of Miami and City of Miami Beach. So it’s no wonder finding the permit rules in this region can get complicated. But don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you and put together a series of blog posts to explain everything you need to know! We’ve also put together an Ultimate Film Permit Guide for all of Miami-Dade County, with a step-by-step permit application process in every municipality. 
Miami-Dade County logoYou will need a Film Permit if you’re creating a commercial film or photo shoot on public property. Some municipalities require permits on residential or private property as well. This means that if you plan to film at a house, and don’t interrupt the neighbours, you may still need a permit depending on where the location is. In our series of blog posts, we will cover the requirements for certain municipalities such as the City of Miami Beach and Coral Gables.  To find out if filming on residential properties outside of these two requires a permit, call your film office or FilMiami at 305-375-3288.

Keep in mind….  If you’re filming on public property, such as parks, beaches, or streets, you will need a permit. And chances are, if you’re filming on private property, you won’t need a permit.

Where do you go to get permits? If you go to the FilMiami website, you can complete an online permitting application for all of your media needs for Miami-Dade County property or services (such as the police or fire department), as well as 16 of the municipalities. Keep in mind, FilMiami requires 3 things:

  1. 24hr notice for permits
  2. Certificate of insurance (insuring the County and/or municipality for $1 million)
  3. Specific information on locations including dates, times, budget, and any other special arrangements.

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Which Municipalities does FilMiami cover?

Here are the Municipalities that FilMiami permits forIf you’re filming in one of these municipalities, you can apply here for the online application. Tip: Do not use the back button or enter key while applying, and there is a 40min session timeout!

Which Municipalities permit themselves?
Here is a list and contact information for all of the Municipalities that permit themselves. Their permit process is covered step-by-step through our Miami Permit Guide!

How much do they cost? Film permits cost $100 for every 28 production days for permits through FilMiami. That fee is non-refundable! Municipalities that permit themselves each have their own prices.

While most municipalities don’t require a permit on private property, here are popular exceptions to look out for:

City of Miami Beach: If you plan to only film in the City of Miami Beach, and do not need any Miami-Dade County services, you can apply for your film permit through the Miami Beach Film Office for free. You will need a permit for filming on any private property, as well as public property. For more information, continue to the City of Miami Beach Blogs

City of Miami: If you’re only filming within the City of Miami, you can apply for your film permit through the City of Miami Film Office, also with no charge! Permits are needed for private property, along with written approval by the neighbours on either side of the production location and submitted to the Film Department before the shoot. 

Coral Gables: Filming in a residential area of Coral Gables? Then you’ll need a permit from the City Manager’s Office (with the owner’s written approval).  

Miami Beach

Further questions?
If you’re unsure about your municipality, or have further questions, you can contact the Miami-Dade Office of Film & Entertainment at 305-375-3288. You can also go to FilMiami.orgor continue to our Ultimate Miami-Dade Permit Guide for detailed instructions! 


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