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Ozzie And Harriet Family Style Home

April 26, 2016
This 5,000 sq. foot space is decorated with a minimalist design, but full of unique pieces that are eclectic and full of character. With rich wood, white walls and warm colours present in every room, this home is left feeling cozy and fresh. 

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Chic Home With Outdoor Lounge Space

March 22, 2016

Arthur’s elegant space features high-end decor and modern finishes throughout, making it a stylish backdrop for upscale Toronto shoots. Arthur’s house combines a neutral colour palette with warm wood finishes throughout, giving it a contemporary design that’s absolutely stunning! Continue Reading…


Charming Plantation

March 8, 2016

Heidi’s all-white space has a chic, minimalist style that highlights luxurious decor and bold splashes of color throughout. This open concept home is a unique location that’s both kid-friendly and sophisticated, making it a unique backdrop for upscale, family-focused productions! Continue Reading…


Big Backyard In The City

February 16, 2016

Bob’s Toronto space is a contemporary classic, with its sophisticated style and open concept layout. Bob’s location highlights luxurious furniture and warm hardwood floors throughout, making it the ideal, modern backdrop to any shoot! Continue Reading…