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Behind The Scenes: Paradise Found

This incredible home is filled with style and character from its pops of color and statement pieces from room to room, to the luxury backyard complete with underground pool and camper-trailer. He says, “The most exciting thing about being on Set Scouter is hearing from people in the industry how cool and comfortable the space is! I take pride in showing off my home as I both designed and built it!”

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Stunning, Well Appointed Private Home In Toronto

Her house is traditionally decorated with warm wood throughout and spectacular pieces like the ornate railing of its spiral staircase. With a finished basement, five bedrooms, a gorgeous open-concept kitchen and an expansive backyard, this home provides many unique backdrops suitable for filming.

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Production Locations: Brick Lofts for Every Budget

Set Scouter has brick lofts for every budget! Here are some of our favourite lofts by price:

 Under $700


        Katie’s Corktown Loft  $500/day                                       Gwen’s Brick and Beam Studio $500/day


         Mark’s Rustic Loft $600/day                                             Jon’s Hard Loft $650/day

Over $700


        Melissa’s Warehouse  $900/day                                       Marie’s Urban Cabin  $1,000/day


         Robert’s High Park Garage  $1,000/day                       Jeff’s Industrial Studio  $2,000/day


Beautiful Family Home

Julie’s gorgeous house is timeless, combining classic decor pieces with modern finishes. Warm hardwood floors and ample natural light help make this week’s location a bright and versatile setting for filming! Continue Reading…


Leafy Way Home

Alison’s spacious location is a refreshing combination of classic and contemporary. It holds warm, rustic qualities with wood accents throughout. Every room in Alison’s home has high ceilings and is filled with natural light, making this location a stunning backdrop for any shoot! Continue Reading…


Production Locations: Kids Rooms For Every Budget

Set Scouter has kids rooms for every budget! Here are some of our favourite kids rooms by price:

$1,000 And Under


         Christian’s Upper Beach Home $750/day                       Tracy’s Beautiful Family Home $950/day

Naomi's Bedroom         Jordan's Bedroom

          Naomi’s Artist Home $1,000/day                                         Jordan’s Big House $1,000/day

Over $1,000

Leah's Bedroom         

       Leah’s Eclectic Family Home  $1,200/day                           Joanna’s Downtown Home  $1,300/day


          Sam’s Country in the City  $1,750/day                          Simone’s Spacious Tudor Home  $1,950/day




Toronto Bond Loft

With an eclectic style and large windows throughout, this hip space is open and bright. The rustic hardwood floors and white exposed brick give this loft an authentic industrial look. Continue Reading…