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Toronto Home With Amazing Decor And Pool

Decorated in regal colours, textures and tones throughout, Amel’s home is luxurious and modern. Expanding over 5000 sq. feet, her unique property has plenty of space and many character-filled, one-of-a-kind rooms including a wood panelled study and  walk in closet.

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Chic Miami Condo

 All white from floor to ceiling, this chic home stands out thanks to its many unique accent pieces. The pops of bright color and eclectic design give this condo a clean, modern vibe. Continue Reading…


Eclectic Coral Gables Home

Dawn’s chic space contrasts bold patterns against crisp white walls, giving it a cool and modern design. Each room in Dawn’s home has its own unique style, making this week’s location a colorful backdrop for upscale Miami shoots! Continue Reading…


Production Locations: Lofts For Every Budget

Set Scouter has locations for every budget! Here are some of our lofts by price:

Under $1,000

Nicole's Loft        Rachel's Lofy

           Nicole’s Open Concept Loft  $500/day                            Rachel’s Unique Hard Loft  $700/day

Taylor's Loft       Matthew's Loft

           Taylor’s Two-Storey Loft  $750/day                                  Matthew’s Urban Deco Loft  $900/day                        

Over $1,000

Robert's Loft        Laura's Loft

             Robert’s High Park Loft  $1,000/day                                Laura’s Bond Loft  $1,200/day

Jeff's Loft         Bianca's Loft

             Jeff’s Industrial Loft Studio  $2,000/day                         Bianca’s One-Of-A-Kind Loft  $4,000/day