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Production Locations: Wood Accents For Every Budget

Set Scouter has locations for every budget! Here are some of our homes with wood accents by price:

Under $1,500

Deborah's Kitchen        Rachel's Bedroom

           Deborah’s Tudor Style Home  $650/day                        Rachel’s Unique Hard Loft  $700/day

Tammy's Dinning Room        Linda's Office

           Tammy’s Century Home  $1,000/day                              Linda’s Family Style Home  $1,200/day                        

Over $1,500

Salvatore's Barn        Robert's Living Room

             Salvatore’s Barn  $1,500/day                                          Robert’s Elegant Home  $1,800/day

Christine's Kitchen         Bohdan's Office

             Christine’s Country In The City  $2,000/day                 Bohdan’s French Château  $3,500/day


Chic Downtown Home

We love how the raw industrial look does not take away from the warmth and coziness of this house. The exposed brick wall and open concept main floor are the perfect backdrop for your next shoot. Continue Reading…