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Commercials That Make us Giggle like Schoolgirls

When you work at a company like Set Scouter that helps location scout for commercials, you end up watching a LOT of them.

We started to take note of just how many Canadian production companies are turning out commercials that are simply said, comedic gold. Surely, directors aren’t the only ones contributing to the funny, since there are many creative agencies behind these ads, but these directors executed it so perfectly, we are starting to fan-girl.

We wanted to take a second to give these directors a slow clap. Not just for their creativity, but for making me spit my midday beer all over Cards against Humanity, I mean…. my coffee all over my laptop. I was working…I promise. Continue Reading…

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Awesome 2014 Holiday Ads Made in Toronto

Canadian Tire Christmas Commercial 2014

The holiday season is full of gifts, warmth, family, and last but not least – amazing marketing and advertising campaigns. Yes, we love them just as much as gingerbread cookies and not just because we provide residential locations for commercials. We love them because they are emotional, creative, and boast incredible production value. This year, to show our appreciation for all the hard working Torontonians in production, we picked some of our favourite commercials made by Toronto production companies that do holiday stories like pros. Continue Reading…