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Design, Luxury, Sophistication

Check out Jason’s 2,000 sq ft condo, blended between modern design and warm sophistication in the heart of Toronto’s entertainment district. With one-of-a-kind, stylish pieces and a spectacular view, this is the ultimate downtown contemporary pad. Jason’s stunning condo was recently used by Mark at CWD who shot a Kickstarter campaign for Fluance’s new turntable. Continue Reading…


Big Backyard In The City

Bob’s Toronto space is a contemporary classic, with its sophisticated style and open concept layout. Bob’s location highlights luxurious furniture and warm hardwood floors throughout, making it the ideal, modern backdrop to any shoot! Continue Reading…


Production Locations: Kitchens For Every Budget

Set Scouter has locations for every budget! Here are some of our kitchens by price:

Under $1,500

Bryan's Kitchen        Louisa's Kitchen

           Bryan’s Modern Home  $900/day                                    Louisa’s Family Home  $1,000/day

Benjamin's Kitchen       Leah's Kitchen

           Benjamin’s Modern Home  $1,000/day                         Leah’s Eclectic Home  $1,200/day                        

Over $1,500

Cheryl's Kitchen        Esti's Kitchen

             Cheryl’s Beautiful Home  $1,500/day                           Esti’s Well-Appointed Home  $1,750/day

Simone's Kitchen         Bianca's Kitchen

             Simone’s Tudor Home  $2,400/day                                 Bianca’s Modern Loft  $4,000/day


Spacious Tudor Home in Forest Hill

This gem is a modern classic that features unique details while remaining true to traditional decor values. Simone’s beautiful home is a new addition to the Set Scouter catalogue and has already been scouted for productions! She is excited to host her first shoot and several more! Continue Reading…


Dream Home

The decor is elegant and rich with earthy tones. The wall-to-wall windows let in ample natural light, perfect for production. Nitsan would love to see his house featured in a short film! Continue Reading…