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Modern Scandinavian Style Home

December 8, 2015

This open- concept main floor has a sleek industrial look with its exposed brick accents and wood beams. The minimalist design, light hardwood floors and naked walls throughout keep Daniela’s home looking timeless! Continue Reading…


Production Locations: Retro Spaces For Every Budget

December 3, 2015

Set Scouter has locations for every budget! Here are some of our favourite retro spaces by price:

Under $1,000

Kevin's Retro Bedroom        Gwen's Retro Kitchen

           Kevin’s Artsy Bachelor $500/day                                    Gwen’s Brick and Beam Studio $500/day

Deborah's Retro Living Room         

             Deborah’s Tudor Style Home  $650/day                      Paul’s Charming House  $800/day

Over $1,000

Tobi's Retro Bedroom        Ivette's Retro Living Room

           Tobi’s Stunning Retro Home  $1,200/day                      Ivette’s Modern Mansion  $1,500/day

Oksana's Retro Living Room         Mary's Retro Basement Living Room

           Oksana’s Spacious Retro House  $1,850/day                Mary’s Gorgeous Upscale House  $3,500/day


Toronto Bond Loft

December 1, 2015

With an eclectic style and large windows throughout, this hip space is open and bright. The rustic hardwood floors and white exposed brick give this loft an authentic industrial look. Continue Reading…


Production Locations: Master Bathrooms For Every Budget

November 26, 2015

Set Scouter has locations for every budget! Here are some of our master baths by price:

Under $1,500

Andrea's Bathroom        Leslie's Bathroom

           Andrea’s Classic Family Home $1,000/day                 Leslie’s Contemporary Penthouse $1,000/day

Angeline's Bathroom         Joanna's Bathroom

             Angeline’s Modern Home  $1,250/day                        Joanna’s Designer Home  $1,300/day

Over $1,500

Dorin's Master Bathroom        Melanie's Bathroom

             Dorin’s Modern Farmhouse  $1,500/day                      Melanie’s Century Home  $1,950/day

Kareem's Bathroom         Lilliana's Bathroom

             Kareem’s Gorgeous Mansion  $3,000/day                  Lilliana’s Contemporary Home  $4,000/day


Beautiful Victorian Centre Hall Home

November 25, 2015

With smooth hardwood floors and neutral tones throughout, this spacious home is crisp and versatile, offering various looks for production. The open concept design and stunning crown moulding on the walls and ceilings make Adrienne’s space is a true showstopper! Continue Reading…


Modern Designer Luxury Townhome

November 17, 2015

This upscale space features an urban decor contrasted with rustic wood detailing. The naked walls and big windows make this space perfect for production, while its modern, minimalist design gives it a high end appeal! Continue Reading…


Production Locations: Fireplaces For Every Budget

November 12, 2015

Set Scouter has locations for every budget! Here are some of our fireplaces by price:

Under $1,500


            Bob’s City Home $999/day                                           Andrea’s Classic Family Home $1,000/day


              Fiona’s Muskoka Feel Home  $1,200/day                Angeline’s Modern Home  $1,250/day


Over $1,500


               Timothy’s Versitile Edwardian  $1,750/day            Melanie’s Century Home  $1,950/day


               Viviane’s Spectacular Bungalow  $2,800/day         Kareem’s North York Mansion  $3,000/day




Need a location?  Email to let us know what you’re looking for! Also, check out our catalogue to see more Top Picks!


Production Locations: Elegant Master Bedrooms For Every Budget

October 29, 2015

Set Scouter has locations for every budget! Here are some of our elegant master bedrooms by price:

Under $1,500

Taylor's Bedroom        Andrea's Bedroom

              Taylor’s Two-Storey Loft  $750/day                               Andrea’s Beautiful Home  $1,000/day

Brenda's Bedroom       Angeline's Bedroom

             Brenda’s Classic Family Home  $1,000/day                  Angeline’s Modern Home  $1,200/day                        

Over $1,500

Esti's Bedroom        Melanie's Bedroom

             Esti’s Luxury Home  $1,750/day                                     Melanie’s Century Home  $1,950/day

Solange's Bedroom         Kareem's Bedroom

             Solange’s Designer Haven  $2,500/day                         Kareem’s North York Mansion  $3,000/day


Production Locations: Lofts For Every Budget

October 22, 2015

Set Scouter has locations for every budget! Here are some of our lofts by price:

Under $1,000

Nicole's Loft        Rachel's Lofy

           Nicole’s Open Concept Loft  $500/day                            Rachel’s Unique Hard Loft  $700/day

Taylor's Loft       Matthew's Loft

           Taylor’s Two-Storey Loft  $750/day                                  Matthew’s Urban Deco Loft  $900/day                        

Over $1,000

Robert's Loft        Laura's Loft

             Robert’s High Park Loft  $1,000/day                                Laura’s Bond Loft  $1,200/day

Jeff's Loft         Bianca's Loft

             Jeff’s Industrial Loft Studio  $2,000/day                         Bianca’s One-Of-A-Kind Loft  $4,000/day