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Charming Plantation

Heidi’s all-white space has a chic, minimalist style that highlights luxurious decor and bold splashes of color throughout. This open concept home is a unique location that’s both kid-friendly and sophisticated, making it a unique backdrop for upscale, family-focused productions! Continue Reading…


Beautiful Family Home

Julie’s gorgeous house is timeless, combining classic decor pieces with modern finishes. Warm hardwood floors and ample natural light help make this week’s location a bright and versatile setting for filming! Continue Reading…


Production Locations: Master Bathrooms For Every Budget

Set Scouter has locations for every budget! Here are some of our master baths by price:

Under $1,500

Andrea's Bathroom        Leslie's Bathroom

           Andrea’s Classic Family Home $1,000/day                 Leslie’s Contemporary Penthouse $1,000/day

Angeline's Bathroom         Joanna's Bathroom

             Angeline’s Modern Home  $1,250/day                        Joanna’s Designer Home  $1,300/day

Over $1,500

Dorin's Master Bathroom        Melanie's Bathroom

             Dorin’s Modern Farmhouse  $1,500/day                      Melanie’s Century Home  $1,950/day

Kareem's Bathroom         Lilliana's Bathroom

             Kareem’s Gorgeous Mansion  $3,000/day                  Lilliana’s Contemporary Home  $4,000/day


Chic Downtown Home

We love how the raw industrial look does not take away from the warmth and coziness of this house. The exposed brick wall and open concept main floor are the perfect backdrop for your next shoot. Continue Reading…