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Large Family Home

Adele’s space features gorgeous hardwood floors and white walls throughout, making it a classic and versatile backdrop for productions. Modern decor offset the traditional layout in Adele’s home, giving it an eclectic style that’s perfect for a period piece! Continue Reading…


Leafy Way Home

Alison’s spacious location is a refreshing combination of classic and contemporary. It holds warm, rustic qualities with wood accents throughout. Every room in Alison’s home has high ceilings and is filled with natural light, making this location a stunning backdrop for any shoot! Continue Reading…


Country In The City

His open concept space perfectly mixes rustic and elegant decor, giving it a country chic appeal. Sam’s rooms feature modern furniture and extravagant details. This location is the ideal backdrop for any production looking to film in a classic family home! Continue Reading…


Production Locations: Kitchens For Every Budget

Set Scouter has locations for every budget! Here are some of our kitchens by price:

Under $1,500

Bryan's Kitchen        Louisa's Kitchen

           Bryan’s Modern Home  $900/day                                    Louisa’s Family Home  $1,000/day

Benjamin's Kitchen       Leah's Kitchen

           Benjamin’s Modern Home  $1,000/day                         Leah’s Eclectic Home  $1,200/day                        

Over $1,500

Cheryl's Kitchen        Esti's Kitchen

             Cheryl’s Beautiful Home  $1,500/day                           Esti’s Well-Appointed Home  $1,750/day

Simone's Kitchen         Bianca's Kitchen

             Simone’s Tudor Home  $2,400/day                                 Bianca’s Modern Loft  $4,000/day