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Beach Home Beauty

Located at the peak of the Cathedral Bluffs, this property is sleek with contemporary design. Decorated with charcoal hues, edgy statement pieces and sharp lines, this house would make a great backdrop for some eerily, futuristic scenes.

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Chic Home With Outdoor Lounge Space

Arthur’s elegant space features high-end decor and modern finishes throughout, making it a stylish backdrop for upscale Toronto shoots. Arthur’s house combines a neutral colour palette with warm wood finishes throughout, giving it a contemporary design that’s absolutely stunning! Continue Reading…


Large Loft 1,700 Square Feet

With wood panelled ceilings, exposed beams and brick walls, this space has all the makings of a stylish new-york city apartment. Modern and mature, this property comes with many unique elements that sets it apart from the rest including a personal balcony, an elevator that opens up into the unit and an interesting view of the industrial neighbourhood. Continue Reading…


Charming Plantation

Heidi’s all-white space has a chic, minimalist style that highlights luxurious decor and bold splashes of color throughout. This open concept home is a unique location that’s both kid-friendly and sophisticated, making it a unique backdrop for upscale, family-focused productions! Continue Reading…


Downtown Semi-Detached Home

Her open concept space maintains its chic style by contrasting bold accents against creamy white walls. The playful kids room and stylish backyard deck help make Joanna’s residential home the ideal backdrop for family focused productions! Continue Reading…


Beautiful Lawrence Park Toronto

This spacious location perfectly showcases wood elements and neutral tones to add sophistication to this space. Between the luxurious furniture and funky patterns, Stephanie’s home mixes styles flawlessly, giving it an elegant yet edgy appeal! Continue Reading…