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Waterfront Key Biscayne Property

Rafael’s open concept space features warm marble floors that complement the neutral colour palette perfectly. The gorgeous hardwood ceiling with exposed beams creates a warm environment for filming. The luxurious decor helps make Rafael’s home a sophisticated backdrop for upscale Miami shoots! Continue Reading…


Large Loft 1,700 Square Feet

With wood panelled ceilings, exposed beams and brick walls, this space has all the makings of a stylish new-york city apartment. Modern and mature, this property comes with many unique elements that sets it apart from the rest including a personal balcony, an elevator that opens up into the unit and an interesting view of the industrial neighbourhood. Continue Reading…


Beautiful Lawrence Park Toronto

This spacious location perfectly showcases wood elements and neutral tones to add sophistication to this space. Between the luxurious furniture and funky patterns, Stephanie’s home mixes styles flawlessly, giving it an elegant yet edgy appeal! Continue Reading…


The High Park Garage

Located in a century building, Robert’s space was once a commercial auto body shop in High Park. Since then, the space has been renovated into a hard loft with brick walls, beams and concrete flooring throughout. Continue Reading…


Production Locations: Lofts For Every Budget

Set Scouter has locations for every budget! Here are some of our lofts by price:

Under $1,000

Nicole's Loft        Rachel's Lofy

           Nicole’s Open Concept Loft  $500/day                            Rachel’s Unique Hard Loft  $700/day

Taylor's Loft       Matthew's Loft

           Taylor’s Two-Storey Loft  $750/day                                  Matthew’s Urban Deco Loft  $900/day                        

Over $1,000

Robert's Loft        Laura's Loft

             Robert’s High Park Loft  $1,000/day                                Laura’s Bond Loft  $1,200/day

Jeff's Loft         Bianca's Loft

             Jeff’s Industrial Loft Studio  $2,000/day                         Bianca’s One-Of-A-Kind Loft  $4,000/day


Production Locations: Wood Accents For Every Budget

Set Scouter has locations for every budget! Here are some of our homes with wood accents by price:

Under $1,500

Deborah's Kitchen        Rachel's Bedroom

           Deborah’s Tudor Style Home  $650/day                        Rachel’s Unique Hard Loft  $700/day

Tammy's Dinning Room        Linda's Office

           Tammy’s Century Home  $1,000/day                              Linda’s Family Style Home  $1,200/day                        

Over $1,500

Salvatore's Barn        Robert's Living Room

             Salvatore’s Barn  $1,500/day                                          Robert’s Elegant Home  $1,800/day

Christine's Kitchen         Bohdan's Office

             Christine’s Country In The City  $2,000/day                 Bohdan’s French Château  $3,500/day